Dance Dance Revolution

Okay. After my break via vacation time, I came back into this thing with a poot rather than a bang. I needed to find something to rock my ass back into workout mode- running on the treadmill while listening to Ke$ha just was not going to do it.
But you know was does?
Rocking your favorite work out clothes (complete with a t-shirt I cut so it turned into a shorter off the shoulder type thing) while dancing. I mean, not just 'dancing' like, by myself in my living room, but for reals, going on Netflix, going to Sports and Fitness and picking Dance Fitness. Yeah. There are like, 7 videos!! So I have been doing this at night, and it has been rocking my world.
I even did my hair one time and danced it out. Add some lipstick and DO WHAT I DO- pretend you are on the set of glee and are a cast member.
And just out of curiousty, I went to you tube and thought...hmmm, what if I want to learn how to dance the Single Ladies dance?  done-

So I have been doing this, but I have to say, I am not exercising every single day. I do not have the time/energy to do that and I get tired/hurt/bored before I can get a routine down. But I am still in this. GO HOTTIES!!

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