I wanna dance, too!

FunnyNurse! I'm so glad to see you! I was really hoping we weren't going to let this thing die just yet. It's been super motivating for me. The dance workouts sound awesome - I'm totally Netflixing that shit! I'm getting so tired of Jillian Michaels, I think I'm going to break that DVD as soon as I get through Level 3. Or maybe I'll just mail it to my mom.

I haven't been doing real "workouts" every day, either - I have come to accept that I'm just not cut out for that sort of rigidity. I would need somebody following me around, kicking my ass and making me do it. But I have been trying to do some form of semi-strenuous physical activity (as in, more taxing than carrying laundry up and down the stairs), even if it just means weeding the flowerbed. Which is quite strenuous, as it turns out. I'm sore today - especially my knees. Yes, she said that!

Nevertheless, I do feel like we need to get pumped up again about this getting in shape business...it's supposed to be a Countdown to Hotness, after all, not a Slow Progression Toward Mediocrity. How can we recipro-motivate each other? (Yes, I am trying to coin a term for reciprocal motivation. Help me out here.) Should we come up with incentives? Bribes? What sort of carrot/stick combination can we use to get our asses back in high gear?

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