2 Down, 28 To Go

When I started my workout DVD yesterday morning, Sammy ran to hide in his crate. He goes there when he needs to feel safe. I may have already mentioned that he doesn't like exercise (except his daily walks - why do dogs like to walk so freaking much?), but he especially hates any activity that involves jumping around.

And this DVD involves LOTS of jumping around - jumping jacks, pretend jumping rope, and these torturous but ridiculous things Jillian calls "butt-kicks" - the idea being, I assume, to kick your own ass. But try as I might, the closest I can get to kicking myself in the rear is a sort of gimpy, flailing, running-in-place motion. While holding my boobs. If I could reach through that screen and ask that Natalie what sort of sports bra she's got on, I would - her jooblies hardly jooble, even when she's doing her butt-kicks, her heels perfectly striking her butt each time. Anita, the other "assistant" girl, and Jillian both have no boobs to speak of. I bet all their shirts fit them perfectly. Bitches. FunnyNurse, I know you get me.

Anyway...let's get back on track here. I thought Day Two was going to be worse than Day One - you know, with the whole being sore thing - but it wasn't. It actually felt kind of good to stretch my sore muscles and get them warm. I was sort of surprised, but it went by really fast - so fast, I felt the need for more exercise, and took Sammy on a 40-minute walk. Which he appreciated. And proved it, by pooping - twice. Thanks, Sam. Looooovvve yoooooouuuu...

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