Bring it

I love the accountability of another hot mama.
There are so many days like today where I have been on my feet for 10+ hours, running around, getting crap from doctors, getting belittled by hillbilly coworkers and all I want to do it go home, drink a stiff martini and go to bed. BUT NO.
The problem with that mentality is that is makes me feel even worse. I mean, for obvious reasons, feeling bad and then diving into a bottle of delicious Ketel One is dangerous. But compound that with the endorphin and adrenaline rush you get from physical exercise- I mean, going to the gym for even 20 minutes, makes me feel so so much better.
My day at work was fine, funny docs, good coworkers, it was all giggles for 8 hours, but dammit, the last two hours, with three other nurses who were foul mouthed and horrible, it was awful. My go to gut reaction is to bury me head in a pile of cheese like some fat ostrich, but instead, I had to do those mental gymnastics, those mind fucks that make you change your normal damaging way of thinking. Instead, I DID by vodka, but before I drank it, I went to the gym and even though it was something as simple as fast walking on the treadmill- the combination of intense calf pain and the best 'This American Life' I have heard in a while I was over my drama and my depression and anger and got the kick of endorphins I needed.
Sadly, I know no idea what I weigh and though i work in a hospital, it is a shitty hospital because I cannot find a god damn scale. I mean, COME ON!! So I am eating hummus and roasted red peppers and salad and fruit for my meals and hoping that weight ain't nothin' but a number-the real benefit is feeling good and working on my self with my best friend...and her dog...and her husband.
Day three- DONE.
I am worried about my trip to NYC this weekend- only because I will lose the dedicated work out time I am trying to make into a habit. Oh well- I guess i will bring sneakers and work out gear and keep you guys posted/

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