Taxicab Confessions

So, I have a little confession to make. I didn't do the workout video on Day 6, yesterday, a.k.a. Easter Sunday. I took a 50-minute walk at a "Sammy trot" pace, I'd say about 4 mph if I'd been able to clock it on a treadmill. That's over 3 miles. I was still sore when I was done. I thought this definitely counted as a workout.

But then, I was tricked by my evil sister. You see, we had decided TOGETHER not to do the video, take a "rest day", and pick it back up today. But you know what she did? In the evening, after I was already showered and tucked into a 3-hour ironing marathon (yes, I save it all up for one shebang, so what? It's not procrastination - it's efficiency), I got a text from her saying she DID THE DVD!!! Jerkface! I felt tricked. Bamboozled, even. Also, I felt Guilty, with a capital G, for not doing my workout DVD when I probably should have, holiday or not. The 30-Day Shred isn't "The Sort-Of 30-Day Shred, With Time Off For Holidays". So what did I do to make up for it?

Today, I got up with The Hubs and we took Sam for a 45-minute walk. Then, after Hubsy went to work, I did Level One of my workout. And then, people, THEN:

I did Level Two.

Yes. You read that correctly. I did BOTH Level One and Level Two, back to back, with minimal groaning, and only a short period of catatonic-lying-on-the-floor-panting ("resting") afterward. Sammy was so frantic with worry at all the jumping around of TWO workout sessions, not to mention a collapsed mother, I had to hold a couch pillow between us to keep him from licking my skin off. Therefore, I'm counting today as TWO days, Day 6 and Day 7. I think it's only fair.

How many calories does ironing burn? I think I'll go back to that.

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  1. Hahaha!!! The PLAN was for us to skip Sunday and then do two workouts on Monday! I got smart and decided "ummm F THAT SHIZ" and went ahead and did mine lol! Don't hate. :-)