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So today I decided that I needed some "Hotness Tools" to help me achieve my goals. I went on a quick trip to Turrrrrget (Target) and picked up some things that I am hoping will be effective for keeping track of my food, workouts and overall progress.

I channeled my inner nerd and went to the school supplies aisle. YAY!!! I love fresh school supplies in July!!!. The little girl down the aisle from me put it best when she exclaimed "I want new EVERYTHING!!!" The first thing I picked up for only $9.99 is this handy calendar/journal:

The colors aren't really that flourescent, I'm just using my shitty iPhone camera. Anyway, it's basically a super deluxe calendar from August 2011 - July 2012 with:

-Monthly view - to keep track of events/appointments, etc; I think I'm also going to log my weight, net calories and workouts on this each day so I can look at the whole month and see a snapshot of how I did.

-Week by week view - plenty of space to log my food and workouts daily, plus room for some notes

-Handy Notes page for each month - I'm going to use this to take my measurements at the beginning of each month and include losses

-Graph page for each month - I'm going to use this to create a weight-loss graph for each month. As I lose each pound, I can keep track of it and hopefully make a nice little line graph going down and down and DOWN each month until I hit my goal!

The other thing I bought is this cute binder with some blank sleeves. My plan is to cut out the exercise pages/excerpts from the fitness magazines I subscribe to and store them in this binder. That way, if I'm getting bored with my workout (which is SURE to happen!) I can flip through the binder and find something fun to do!

I've also decided that I'm going to subscribe to Oxygen magazine. I bought a copy today and I really like it a lot, so I think it's worth the $20/year to stay motivated! I might even subscribe to SELF and Cooking Light, can't decide...

So those are my fitness tools that I bought today. The only crappy thing is that the calendar doesn't start until August, so I'll have to keep using my other journal for the next 3 weeks! I'll be sure to do a post on my "system" for logging everything once I get started in August!

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