I'm Baaaaa-aaaaack!

Hello, loyal followers - er, I mean Sissy and sometimes Funny Nurse. :-/

It's been a busy week. I kept forgetting to post and it snowballed to the point that I was gone basically a whole week, yikes! Anyway, I'm still down 2.5 pounds from doing Paleo for the past couple of weeks - BUT, I did majorly cheat a few times and also my "Aunt Flo" was in town SO I didn't lose weight last week. Boooooo.

This week is a BRAND NEW week and I am starting over on Paleo! My goal is to eat ALL of the veggies in our crisper drawer:

-4 summer squash
-1 bag of hearts of Romaine lettuce (enough for 3 decent sized salads)
-3 onions (although I don't think I can eat all of those, maybe 2 of them?)
-2 green bell peppers
-1 bag of carrots - it's freakin huge, I think I can roast half the bag this week
-1 small bag of sugar snap peas ( i don't really want to eat these because they are NOT Paleo approved BUT the Hubbie bought them for me because he thought I would like them, so I should eat them)

I also have a pack of chicken tenders and some 93% ground beef that I will need to eat, along with 5 boiled eggs that I made this morning.

Let the veggie challenge begin!!

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  1. How do you cook your summer squash? I don't want to fry it or cook it unhealthily, but I have a TON that I need to eat!