Paleo, Day 2

I love it when shit works out the way I want it to!!!! HOOORRRAAAAYYYY!! So today is actually Day 3 of Paleo, but I forgot to post yesterday.

There HAS to be something to this Paleo thing - I am down 2 pounds in just 2 days!! I have eaten "Paleo Perfect" with the exception of a couple small servings of dairy. I am hoping to stick to this for at least a couple weeks and see how much I can lose. Last time, I lost 5 pounds in 2 weeks and I wasn't even following the diet perfectly!

Not gonna lie, I felt like SHIZ yesterday - headaches and fatigue. But, today I feel much better!! I am sure that some of the weight loss is water, but I don't give a shit! It is so motivating to be down a couple pounds - it's really going to carry me through the weekend. I even went to the store yesterday and managed to NOT buy any candy! Woot. Major accomplishment.

Foods yesterday:

-Hard boiled egg
-Homemade pasta sauce with small serving of reduced fat Cheddar
-Pistachios and Walnuts
-Peanut butter
-1/2 of a Zbar (my only carbs of the day)
-HUGE salad with romaine, sauteed chicken, feta, cucumber and tomatoes with a serving of light italian dressing


-walked 3.5 miles

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