Today I had the munchies like a MotherF*$ker!! However, I stayed strong and somehow managed to still hit my NET calorie goal. Writing down everything right after/before I eat it is really helping me stay on track.


-White Chocolate Macadamia Nut LUNA bar
-Avocado on WASA crackers
-small servings of Skittles and M&Ms
-High Fiber Oatmeal
-Small nibbles of deli chicken and some hamburger meat that I'd prepared the night before
-Boiled Egg


-Ran 3 miles
-Ripped in 30, Level 1


Previously while losing weight, I've had the "work hard during M-F and relax on the weekends" mentality. Not in terms of exercise, but in terms of keeping track of what I eat. I've rarely logged calories on the weekends. This needs to stop!! Obviously you can do a lot of damage on the weekends...frankly, it takes almost no time at all to start racking up RIDICULOUS calories by munching and making poor choices "just because it's the weekend". If I had just logged my calories on the weekends, I might not even be having to lose this extra 10 lbs!! Six months worth of not logging calories on the weekends and indulging is probably worth at least 5 lbs.

So, I'm going to make a concerted effort to log every single thing that I put into my mouth until I've lost this 10 lbs. REALLY, if I stick to my NET calorie goal each day, it should only take me two months total to lose this weight, but by the end of September at the very latest. That is my goal. I've actually been losing 4-5 lbs per month with about 50-75% effort. Frankly, in June I was eating whatever the heck I wanted to and still lost 4 lbs! And I even exercised much less because the summer heat had started and I was taking a break from my fitness DVDs at the time.

The point of this rant is: NO MORE HALF-ASSING! I don't want to be trying to lose this damn "last 10 pounds" forever!! I just want to get it over with so LET'S GOOOOO!!!!!!!!! :-)

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