Paleo, Day 3 and Supreme 90 Day

Paleo Day 3 was a pretty good one. I felt MUCH better today! More energy, no headaches and my cravings for sugar are slowly going away. Today I was really craving peanut butter and luckily that is "sort of" Paleo (but definitely no carb, which is what will help me lose weight.


-Egg and 1/2 ZBar
-HUGE salad with romaine, sauteed chicken, feta, tomatoes and cucumbers with Light Italian dressing
-several spoonfuls of peanut butter
-my homemade pasta sauce with grated cheddar cheese on top
-6 gingersnaps (small)
-Chocolate Brownie LARA bar (ummm AMAZING!!! definitely going to stock up on these next time I'm at the store!!)


-walked 3.5 miles

Today was a pretty good day overall. Those gingersnaps probably weren't the best idea but they aren't that high in sugar/carbs. Hopefully it won't affect my weigh in tomorrow.

I was SUPER excited to discover my Supreme 90 Day fitness order had arrived in the mail today, YAAAAYYYY!!!!! I have been waiting a couple of weeks for this. I'm pretty addicted to exercise DVDs - I've done a lot of the Jillian Michaels ones and now I'm ready for something more challenging. Supreme 90 Day is basically the same as P90X but 1/4 of the price; I read several reviews of them (comparisons of the two) and all of the reviews say that they are the same.

I can't wait to start the program on Monday. I'm going to give each of the 11 DVDs a try, but I'm sure there will be certain ones that I DON'T like, especially the Cardio one. I prefer to get my cardio in by running. Their "schedule" for the program has you doing a workout every day for 6 days and then having a day off. I would like to do a workout every day M-F and then spend the weekend running and maybe doing the abs DVD. Plus I will be walking every morning with Mr Cuteness in his stroller - our "usual" now is 3.5 miles.

YAAAAYYYYY fun times ahead!

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