Today was a pretty good day I guess. More Turrrrrget, some furniture shopping - we need a new coffee table and end tables BEFORE Mr. Cuteness starts crawling - and grilling out some delicious ka-bobs!


-Decaf coffee
-Avocado and WASA
-Muscle Milk
-Boiled Egg and some nibbles of Ground Beef that I cooked the night before
-Chicken Kabobs - with onions, red peppers and pineapple
-small serving of brown rice
-Snickers Ice Cream cone

DAMN that Snickers Ice Cream cone!!! 250 calories and it wasn't even that good!!!!!! Never again.


-3 mile walk with Mr Cuteness in jogging stroller

BLAHHHHH!!! I've been doing a pretty decent job of weaning myself off of candy and sticking to my calorie goals. I must have been eating WAAAYYYY more calories than I thought I was lately! How I've actually lost more weight is beyond me!

I also bought a dry erase board today so I can plan my meals the night before and stick to them like a little schedule, complete with calorie count and everything. This way I can try to avoid impulsive eating. Plus, I just love being organized like a SUPER NERD!!!

Ok, time for bed! Night!

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